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Lisa Malcolm is a lightwork energy channeler and ascension teacher from Canada with two decades of experience working with people’s energy fields for vibrational upgrading, healing and trauma release, and has spent a lifetime dedicated to her own personal healing and spiritual awakening process — teaching herself to read her own energy and walk a path of natural divine awareness and embodiment.

As a deeply sensitive and spiritually-focused Indigo starseed soul, it was difficult to find my footing in this world for the first 25 years of my life. But it was then that the first stirrings of my awakening came through when I joined a small study group, in the mid 90’s, who was working with the writings of Alice Bailey, Edgar Cayce and Baird T. Spalding. It wasn’t until 2001, though, that my golden gateway appeared when I took a Reiki Level 1 course that sparked a profound healing and spiritual journey for me that still continues today. Later that year, I joined a study program at a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Nepal, and it was at this important juncture in my life that enlightenment, mindful awareness and the end of all suffering became rooted (“remembered”) as my primary life focus and purpose, both for my own soul expansion and eventually to share with and help others, and this is what my website is for.

I no longer do private one-on-one energy treatments or teach energy healing workshops. Instead, I’m working on online learning material about energy and how to live in divine alignment outside the 3D matrix. My first online foundational course in energy and ascension will be coming out in early 2023. I’m also currently offering group-distant high frequency energy transmissions for healing and upgrading on a monthly basis, where I stream through a variety of high vibrational energy frequencies that I connect to, in addition to any new purpose-based ones for each transmission (I do not channel traditional Reiki energy). Info on each of these channelings and sign-ups can be found on this link click here. In addition to energy work, I have an honours degree in archaeology and a master’s degree in art history from the University of Toronto and spent 15 years of my life an avid traveller and living abroad.

I am currently living in the beautiful Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, with my animal soul tribe and soul partner, but will forever be a free spirit and gypsy soul and so you never know where the winds of spirit will take me next 🧡


All information on this website has been written by Lisa Malcolm and is strictly specific to Lisa’s own energy work. Feel free to share my info, but in doing so please credit my name and website – much appreciated! Images, however, are not free for sharing.