If you have crystals and are interested in learning how to transmit their healing energy into your own energy field, here is an easy and quick, but powerful, exercise that was shown to me by my own crystals.

You can do this exercise with your favourite crystal/stone or all of them, but the wider the variety and size you work with, the more info you’ll gather about your stones. And don’t limit yourself to stones and crystals – try feathers, river rocks and flowers too!


  1. Begin by wrapping your left hand around a crystal or stone (move to your right hand or both if you feel intuitively drawn to do that later in the process)
  1. Ask the crystal to transmit all of its information, energy frequencies and healing energies into your energy field and thank it.
  1. Remain still and open as you receive your transmission and watch for any of the following sensations or new awareness:
  1. Do it for as long as you want, you’ll know when to stop. Thank your crystal and feel the joy and gratitude of having discovered your crystal’s special energy that it’s sharing with you. Working with crystal and stone energy in this way can create deep healing and so drink water to keep the energy flushing going, and rest if needed afterward if you’ve received a substantial transmission.