Do you need an easy and quick energy clearing or healing? Hug a tree! In addition to wrapping your arms around a tree, you can also place any body area that may have some blockage on the tree, or even gently rest your third eye on it.

Ask the tree to connect you to the planetary tree network and to clear your energy blocks and/or supply you with supportive, grounded energy. Then offer the tree to draw from your own star being energy as an exchange. Trees love star energy!

Then clear your mind and feel the flow while you receive somatic, emotional or mental impressions as your tree healing is happening.

This energy healing method is a free and accessible self-help option right now, as highly sensitive lightworkers are feeling and filtering large amounts of dense collective energy in the world due to the great shift.

Every single tree on the planet is linked to every single other tree. This forms a planetary tree grid, or web network. And so when you tune into a single tree, you are actually tapping into all the trees in existence!