This is a self-help technique I wrote a few years ago to help people with body issues. However, it can also be adapted to any other kind of healing you can think of, and certainly repeated as many times you want. It’s a simple visual journey meditation exercise that can literally clear and change your energy field in profound ways. If you continue to practice and expand on this simple technique, you can learn to connect with and clear energy infinitely 🙂

The types of body issues I’m referring to in this particular healing exercise include body rejection, body hatred, food addictions (over or under-eating), lack of grounding, obsession with external appearance, or rejection of being in physical form or in this world in general.

If you resonate with any of these, you may be suffering from an ENERGETIC DISCONNECTION from your physical body. I discovered my own disconnect when I happened to tune into my body as separate from me and I saw myself filling the separated body with food in a numbed, mindless state over and over again. Once I ‘saw’ this energetic condition within myself, I spent literally 10 minutes going within and retrieved my disconnected body and reintegrated it.

I’ll outline the steps on how to do this below. If you cannot visualize well, don’t worry, just the intention set to do this will have a powerful impact on instigating this healing. Some of you will experience an immediate and impactful reintegration of your body, and some of you will not experience it as intensely and, instead, will benefit from just getting the ball rolling on your healing process. Either way, this exercise will help you where you are right now to propel you forward in your body issue healing.


  1. Get into a quiet, still place within you and ask light beings of love to surround you and assist you in finding and then healing your disconnected body
  2. See or feel yourself on a path or road somewhere (it doesn’t matter where) and begin to walk with the clear intention to find your body. Go with whatever feeling, sense or visual comes to you.
  3. Just to help you with example, I quite quickly found my body in the form of a shell of my body – it was just standing there as a shell, not moving, no life, because I wasn’t in it, I had left it there in rejection of it. And so, you will likely find your body shell, but be open to other possibilities.
  4. Attempt to bring your body shell into you (or you go into it, doesn’t matter which way) and then *notice what you feel. At this point you may discover the feelings and reasons why you’ve rejected your body in the first place. Let your own feelings or visuals cue you on what happened along the way to disconnect you. You may or may not get answers. It doesn’t matter because you’ll get the healing regardless. I, myself, did not tune into why I rejected my body, so I just focused on reconnecting with it.
  5. If you’re having trouble bringing your disconnected body back into you, talk to yourself and find reasons why your body no longer needs to be rejected. Again, to give you my personal example, I had to just go with ideas like ‘this is the body that my family and pets recognize as containing my essence and spirit and, therefore, they love my body as a representation of me. The recognition of my love for my pets and my family was enough to convince me that my body was worth bringing back. ***This does not have to be a drawn out emotional or mental process, you just need to get you and body energetically reunited again! The rest of the healing and development will fall into place later.
  6. Feel yourself merging with your body and continue on in whatever way you’re being led in this meditation journey. Once the merge happens, the goal has been achieved.
  7. Over the next few days, make an effort to take note of synchronous messages and new personal feelings or mind-states that will validate your successful healing. This healing can be done as many times as you want because we continue to heal deeper levels of energy issues.

This exercise is meant to be simple, but go with your own flow. It took me ten minutes to do this, but it might take you an hour or more. You must go with your own process. The full recalibration and integration from the healing will now take time, so be patient and self-aware of your process, but know that you have achieved a powerful healing for yourself.