It’s important to know when you’re experiencing a pain body activation versus a detox symptom, and so I’ve created this post to explain how and why energy detox after energy healing, clearing or upgrading can be experienced and also how to work with it. I’ll then go into ascension symptoms, which are similar to energy detox, but with a few key differences.


Energy detox symptoms can be physical, mental or emotional, or any combo of these at the same time, but they only occur immediately to shortly after you’ve had a substantial energy clearing, healing, upgrade or other major energy shift. Anything that changes your energy vibration on any level, even down to the physical body, has the potential to detox you, and this can include energy clearings, activations or upgrades, bodywork (massage, osteo, yoga, sound healing, acupuncture, chiropractic treatments, etc.) and herbal / plant treatments.

Detox symptoms arise when old low vibrational energy leaves your energy and cells, and can last anywhere from a few hours to up to around 3 weeks, depending on how heavy the energy is. Symptoms can also range from mild to very heavy, or you can experience no symptoms. Here is a sample list of common detox symptoms. Keep in mind there are just as many positive effects that can happen after an energy vibration change as well, but it’s the detox effects that we need support with, which is why I’m only focusing on those:

  1. Physical:
  1. Emotional/Mental:

There is another common detox symptom that needs more explanation, and it comes through as a feeling that I call “voidy”:

I use this word to describe that feeling of a kind of boredom or temporary apathy, blah or quite flat feeling, like you’re suspended in nothingness and it’s not a good feeling. It can come in shortly after a healing or upgrade as energy detox coming through, or as a necessary part of the integration phase of new energy or change. It’s an in-between state and usually only lasts one day if you sit with it without trying to distract it. You will up-level in the following days in amazing ways if you pass the ‘voidy’ test and not try to distract or suppress it. It’s a test. Chronic apathy or long-term void feelings, however, are not integration phases or detox signs, they are pain bodies associated with depression, and so not the same. This phase is also not to be confused with an experience of “the void,” which can come through deep meditation, depersonalization or plant journeys.

A heavier version of this temporary ‘voidy’ state is the deadened or “zombie” feeling, which usually comes through and can last maybe multiple days if you’re moving and detoxing a lot of heavy energy out of the body.

And a final note on detox: if you feel like you’re experiencing multiple detox symptoms all the time or very frequently, then you may be on a fast-track process of clearing your core work, or you may just be going through a sudden mass core clearing phase for a few months. If you haven’t completed your core work by this stage, then you will likely experience an intensification of core work clearing due to the exponential light increases coming in. We all come into our lifetime with personal core work carried in our energy, cells and soul record. Some starseeds come in with very little to maybe even none (mostly younger ones right now, but not necessarily), while most of us do come in with a good amount to do :-). How fast we process our core work also varies. Some of us process gradually over time (even years), and many have already completed it, while some of us fast-track. It all depends on what the soul blueprinted for our mission. Some starseeds have already completed their core work recently – within the last few years or so. More explanation on ‘core work’ at the end of this post.


  1. Bladder purge tends to clear patriarchal / male energy abuse and control energy (from the victim standpoint)
  2. Bowel purge tends to clear fear / anxiety energy (but can consist of any type of stored energy blockage held onto for a long time)
  3. Excessive yawning indicates energy blockage / clearing mainly in the heart, solar plexus or sacral chakras, but can include other areas of stuck energy as well. The yawning is the body’s way of working to clear the stuck energy.
  4. A feeling of not being able to get a breath or that your chest is tight and can’t take in enough air: This is stuck energy in the heart (or lower) as well, and can be worked with like a pain body clearing by putting your full attention on the feeling in your chest and feeling into it.
  5. Sweating, coming on by itself, gets physical toxins out of the cells
  6. Suddenly feeling cold during an energy healing is fear energy passing through
  7. Bodily vibration or tremoring (inner or outer) tends to be trauma coming out


Ascension symptoms are very similar to detox in that they’re brought on by energy change in our body, but they come through from sudden cosmological light influxes into our energy field (solar, planetary, star system, galactic) and so we have no control over it. These sudden light increases can certainly activate energy detox if it happens to get into an issue we have and open it up, but typically we are just experiencing a shift in our body and energy field as an overall upgrade, which is the purpose of a cosmic light activation. These light influxes that come in are doing so as part of Earth’s current ascension process, and so their purpose is to activate our dormant DNA, which raises and changes the vibration of our physical bodies and energy fields (current human template) to come into a new and higher human template that has never been here before.

Here are some examples of common ascension effects (but there are many more), and it’s also important to note that most ascension symptoms just have to be ridden out as is – but certainly extra rest and water can help. It’s also easier to distinguish ascension symptoms if most of our core work is already done. Ascension symptoms typically last only a few days, unless they’re strictly happening within the physical body structure, in which case they can last longer. Once our energy field calibrates to the upgrade, the symptoms disappear, and over time our energy fields become more acclimatized to light increases because of our inner light expansion, and so we experience less intense or frequent symptoms overall. Ascension symptoms will also evolve and change over time, and so this list is what can go on currently:

An over-stimulated nervous system is a key ascension effect that can incorporate a multitude of sub-symptoms:

Other ascension symptoms can include: