This info post provides a short description on what the ego is and a simple technique that reduces the power and control of the ego and compulsive thinking.

Working with the ego with awareness and intention can significantly support our ascension path and decrease suffering, negativity and blockages to growth and expansion in our lives. Nevertheless, the ego is the central vantage point of almost every human being on the planet right now, which shows us just how powerful and “real” the ego truly is… on its own level, that is.

The ego can be a complex and very subjective term. I view the ego as the ‘me’ self – the mind-created self identity program that was generated from the very powerful perception that we are individuals separate from the one divine consciousness. Yes, in the 3D world we are, indeed, individuals, but we are not separate from divine consciousness. This is the delusion of the ego structure. And so the ego is an entity that was made up and then posititioned alongside our true being within our human form.

This ego structure that was created from a false sense of separate identity also runs its program through our minds, which means it usually has total control over the voice in our head – dictating opinions and judgements on on everything and always in total opposition to the higher self. The ego is also the structure that holds onto our traumas and other experiences and thrives on adding fuel to pain bodies if it’s unconsciously allowed to through our thoughts.

In fact, it’s only the ego/me self that suffers (the higher self never suffers), and it does this because it attaches itself to all of our experiences and emotions and judges them as bad or good. This creates unnecessary and prolonged spells of psychological or emotional pain. Emotions in pure form, even anger and sadness, are not synonymous with suffering – only the ego self suffers.

But the ego, in being the centralized false-created identity mechanism of every human, cannot be burned away in quite the same way as the charged emotional energy of pain bodies. What we can do with the ego, however, is observe it and, in doing so, come to recognize it as the imposter that it is – disguising itself as ‘me,’ and seeing the ego for what it really is will reduce its power and control significantly, allowing more divine alignment and grace into our lives, minds, emotions and experiences.


My method of working with ego that has brought life-changing results for me is the ego-watching method. Basically, use your daily shower as a set out time to focus only on watching all the thoughts in your head. Showers are easy to remember and also just the right amount of time for the practice – not too short (not effective) and not too long (too difficult). Again, to give credit where credit is due, I took this idea from “The Untethered Soul” and applied it to myself. After reading just the first few chapters of this book, I had an immediate and significant awakening around the true source of the voice in my head.

Doing this practice really has reduced the ego noise and control in my head by about 75%, which makes inner and divine connection much clearer and easier. It has also helped me to become aware of and deactivate many negative thought programs and thought intrusions, and makes it much easier to spot ego triggers when they come up, which create negativity in our lives if left unchecked. When the ego is “triggered,” it comes through as defensiveness, such as “how dare you” or “poor me;” it also likes to incessantly complain and make judgements in your head.

It’s really about distinguishing the ego from the higher self that reduces the power and control that the ego has over us. Growth and expansion can span mountains when you do ego observation work. Otherwise, trying to fight with, analyze, conquer or “kill” the ego just creates more friction and resistance because, after all, that would just be the ego resisting itself.