This info post provides a description on what a pain body is and a simple technique I’ve called “Stop, Drop & Roll” to neutralize pain body energy. Neutralizing and clearing our pain bodies is the most effective way to diminish suffering in our lives ~~

I first learned the term “pain body” from Eckhart Tolle around 15 years ago in reading his book “A New Earth,” but having been an energy healer for 20 years, I also have a direct understanding that our energy field is actually made up of multiple energy “bodies” layered in our energy field, and some of these do deeply and fully embody intense emotional pain, and so to call them pain bodies is actually quite accurate. All humans have pain bodies that were created in experiences of extreme trauma (physical, psychological or emotional), and these energy bodies actually draw further pain bodies into them throughout the soul’s experiences on Earth, which increases the intensity and strength of pain bodies.

Pain bodies typically stem from other lifetimes, especially from death trauma, but also as a product of intense psychological programming or other emotionally or physically traumatic events and circumstances, and so they have to be carried forward into other incarnations until they transmute, or burn out, because energy cannot just simply disappear, only transform.

Once the energy of a pain body fully transmutes, however, it never returns. It’s also both correct to say that a person carries only one pain body, or multiple pain bodies. It’s just a difference in perspective. Multiple pain bodies can be considered levels or aspects of the one human pain body, if you want to look at that way. But the human pain body (or layers of pain bodies) can only exist within the ego structure of the human, which means that if the ego structure dissolves, all pain bodies dissolve with it (more on ego in my ‘How to Work with Ego’ post). “Until” then – because the dissolution of the ego happens in its own enigmatic time – we can neutralize pain bodies with inner work.

A pain body remains dormant in our energy field and only becomes activated when triggers come up that remind it of its particular trauma (execution fear? shunning shame?). Pain bodies can come through in the form of depression, anxiety, phobias, suicide ideation, actual suicide, a feeling described as ‘self-hatred,’ strong irritation or prolonged anger, shame and guilt. Many inner child responses, as well as PMS or other hormonal-induced emotional reactions are also pain bodies. The intense emotional reactions caused from pain body activations are always out of proportion to the present trigger, and so, someone might say something to you that you don’t like, i.e. “pushes a button,” but then you react very intensely – have an “over reaction” – and it affects you deeply and you don’t know why, and it’s also very hard to release. This is what it is to become taken over by your pain body, and this energetic possession feels like it’s ‘you,’ even though it isn’t, and can last a couple of hours (or shorter if you work with it) to days to weeks to maybe months – depends. Some people can live their daily lives possessed by a pain body, and you know who they are because you find yourself wanting to avoid them. All pain bodies might seem as though they’re being triggered by other people or events, but, really, all pain bodies are triggered by our thoughts about these interactions.

So, when you have a pain body activation, the best way to burn off its energy is to allow and feel the discomfort of its pain in your body instead of trying to suppress or avoid it. Sounds simple. In fact, it can be very difficult to do this at first, but the more you do it the easier and more enjoyable it becomes because you really are freeing yourself from suffering. This can also be done when in an experience of physical pain.

Here is my method for burning off pain body energy, i.e. neutralization of emotional charge, that I’ve called “Stop Drop & Roll” to make it easy to remember when you’re in the thralls of a pain body activation. It’s a method I’ve adopted and adapted for my own healing from Michael Singer’s book “The Untethered Soul,” where he describes the process of letting these triggered intense emotions pass through you, or letting them burn similar to a yogic burn:


A pain body trigger will often come in like a shot of lightening, e.g. someone said something that hurt your feelings or activated another intense reaction, or one can creep in a bit more covertly, such as with depression or anxiety. The only thing that matters is coming to recognize that a pain body has been activated, and you know this because you’re suddenly feeling intense lower emotions, such as anger, rage, embarrassment, depression, despair, fear, alongside uncomfortable body sensations, such as a tightening or burning in the chest, knot in the stomach, blushing, crying, a lump in the throat or trembling. Follow these 3 steps upon recognizing you’re possessed by a pain body and you will neutralize energetic charge:

  1. STOP: immediately stop everything inside you and pay attention, even if you’re in the middle of a conversation it doesn’t matter, it can be done.
  2. DROP: then drop all thoughts going on in your head (this is very important) and put all your focus on the unpleasant sensations and feelings in your body only. This is the pain energy you’ve now just tuned into – it is energy in your body, not your mind. You must turn the mind off for this.
  3. ROLL: this energy will now actually start transmuting by now letting roll, i.e. letting it pulse in you even though it’s very uncomfortable. The rolling is the energy burning process happening. Do it for as long as you can and you have now just fully transmuted a big chunk of pain energy. You may not have cleared the whole pain body, but you cleared at least some of it and it will continue to let you know there’s more to be done until it fully dissolves in doing this practice and will never get triggered again.

This method works with all pain bodies, from mild to severe, but since some pain bodies can be such integral parts of our soul and healing experiences, it can sometimes be beneficial to investigate pain bodies in more depth in addition to the ‘stop, drop & roll’ method for energy neutralization, even with support if needed, through all kinds of healing therapies, past life regression or inner meditation work. It is, however, not necessary to do this or identify the source of a pain body in order to transmute and release it – because all pain bodies are just intense energy that can simply burn off. All stored pain energy can be dissolved through allowing it to fully be there in the body, putting your attention on it and felt. Avoiding pain body work will keep it alive and recurring in your life, and this is what suffering is.

If you are experiencing a severe trauma condition, such as acute PTSD or any other form of mental state that is too difficult for you to process on your own at this time, please seek an aligned support source in addition to your own inner work.