This is my Part 2 post on twin flames, which is a topic that’s even too big for a couple of posts like this, but in this one I’ll discuss a few of the key distinct features and energy signatures of twin flames, which will help you to decipher whether or not you’re in a twin flame relationship, which can actually be more helpful much earlier on in the relationship, versus longer into it, because it’s the meeting period that can create the most confusion and disorientation. The earlier balancing period can also be very rough for some, and so I hope that this post will help encourage you to keep going (if you’re in that category), but most true twin flames don’t need a lot of outside guidance after a certain balancing point is reached because of their independent ascension level.

But, honestly, the scope of experiences, unique features and manifestation process of the twin flame relationship can be vast and also different for many people, and so this post is just one perspective of the twin flame dynamic, with as much core commonality as I can think of according to my own personal experience, intuitive awareness of it and from a few stories that have been shared with me by others. It’s also not possible to even write everything I know, based on the the immense level of information that has even just come into my own personal twin flame experience, because there is just so much.

If you’re waiting specifically for a twin flame, hoping for one or longing for one, then there is likely some illusion there and inner work still needing to be done. A twin flame rarely, if ever, comes into your life in a space of any need to meet one or even within the space of a thought or the idea of meeting one. In fact, here is a very general outline of how most twin flame meetings take place:

You’re deep into your personal healing and have overcome many major blocks, traumas and programming, and chances are you’ve likely just got the last karmic relationship lesson under your belt as well, which is actually a key feature of twin flames and is why people can experience their twin flame meeting with one or both partners just barely out of a long marriage or significant relationship. Having that “final” relationship pattern lesson under the belt for both partners is actually a required energetic configuration in twin flame alignments. In other words, you’ll never work out a narcissism or emotional abuse pattern with a twin flame. You may need to do some final tidying-up of old remnants with your twin flame in the beginning, but there will absolutely never be a dysfunctional pattern there for you to work through ‘together.’

And so, the twin flame now comes in as your next step because you had contracted yourself to accelerate ascension in this lifetime, and that acceleration point has now been reached because the energy is ready. And it might be that you’ve met your twin flame once or even multiple times already in the past (happens a lot this way), but the meeting that brings the accelerated energy activation into your reality is the only one that really matters. And it’s just a fact that not every soul, regardless of ascension path, chooses to do the twin flame process. You either will or you won’t; your higher self decides this. Again, the twin flame is not activated in your life for ascension; it’s activated to accelerate your ascension, and by soul choice. This is also why the twin flame journey can feel like a roller-coaster journey.

When you both meet for your aligned twin flame activation, an energetic link will, and must, be made between your energy fields to then activate the twin flame process, and once linked energetically you can no longer stop the process – the twin flame journey has begun. Then your energy fields begin to go through an intense calibration together that can usually feel overwhelming (both brutal and euphoric), and it’s this energy enmeshment and calibration process that draws you closely together physically, communicatively or maybe even just mentally for a while (i.e. you can’t stop thinking about them; sometimes obsessively if physical or communicative connection can’t happen for a while), or any combo of these. But the energetic connection will always now manifest in the ethereal planes, and what this means is your energies will now activate, for both partners, more vivid dreams, astral travel together, telepathy, etc. because the power of the two intensifies the ethereal realm experience and your higher self connections.

This distinct twin flame energetic link and reconfiguration process is what will accelerate ascension because it’s now like having your higher self actually manifested in the form of another person whose energetic presence in your life is healing and shifting your energy 24/7 on all levels all the time, and you cannot get away from this energy because of the energy “lock.” The energy lock is like two intricate puzzle pieces fitting together and becoming a joined whole, and to unlock the pieces would take a lot of forced effort. It can be done, but that goes against the grain and flow in most cases (but not all).

As so now as you get to know your twin flame partner, you begin to learn and feel things about them that can leave you feeling confused, in awe and maybe even disturbed at times. This is because your twin flame is so intrinsically ‘you’ that they can share many of your deepest, most hidden feelings, experiences, desires, habits, idiosyncrasies – even down to the smallest, subtlest detail. And so, another key feature of a twin flame relationship, then, is the absolute inability to hide anything from your partner. In a twin flame relationship, all shadows must come to the light; no stone left unturned. And it’s this all-exposed recognition state that can drive a need to avoid and escape your partner (i.e. your shadows), which can be another aspect of the “runner” dynamic that I mentioned in Part 1.

But the energy link is now too strong because the process was already activated, and so you have no choice but to embrace your accelerated process of ego structure detachment, piece by piece. How much work is there, as well as how much resistance there is to this process, determines the level of struggle, turmoil, pain and even anguish there can be in this relationship, and this is where all twin flames differ because everyone is different with a different set of tools to work with. But as time goes by and your pieces burn away in the flame, it gets much easier.

One key difference between the twin flame and other relationship types is attraction intensity. Twin flames can definitely feel intense, as well as a deep love unlike any other, but it’s different to how it’s felt in strong karmic relationship attractions. The twin flame physical attraction comes from the energetic enmeshment link and the unavoidable pull to balance each other, uplift and expand, and so there is a purer, more balanced fulfillment there and less of an unbalanced need. The flames are always calibrating, and so if one is lower in vibration, the other will pull it higher, and this continues to go back and forth, although mostly on an unconscious level. Or if one (or both) has an energy block coming up, a physical connection can heal the block, and so the “attraction” brings this process through and feels quite driven toward healing, clearing energy and awakening. Twin flames actually continually feel each other’s discrepancies – both consciously and unconsciously. If there is a major discrepancy in frequency, they will likely have to separate for a while until the energy levels up, but there will still be work going on in the ethereal levels all the time.

In contrast, an intense attraction (in an out of balance way) in other types of relationships can be there with a strong need or feeling of something needing to be fulfilled or filled up. It’s not a mutual balancing, it’s a taking dynamic where each partner takes what’s needed. This actually can create a much more intense attraction feeling, as well as more intense pain in separation or break up. It’s also the reason why attraction can wane in these relationships because once there is an unconscious recognition that there is nothing left to fill, or that it can’t really get filled in the first place, the strong attraction energy subsides. This is not the way it typically is in soulmate relationships, though, because the attraction is more balanced and not coming from a need. It’s also interesting to point out that in these kinds of intense karmic relationships with intense attraction, this need is there for a purpose: to heal the karma; to birth a child, etc. Twin flames, instead, are connected via energy lock links, while other relationships are attached via energy cords, which are more emotionally intense and sometimes painful. Twin flames, through their calibration process, actually dissolve cords – both ones that may have been created between them earlier on, as well as all old relationship and other cords.

The number 11 is another distinct twin flame feature because it’s a master ascension number, and so this number will typically feature somewhere between you and your partner (in every case? I’m not sure). In my own twin flame relationship, we have 11 days between our birthdays (although different years). We also share the same birthday month, but different sun signs – Pisces and Aries – the last and first signs of the zodiac, and so the 11 days in between is where I see the ouroboros serpent eating its tail.

Twin flames also have so many other synchronicities with numbers, names, childhood experiences, places been, things done, time period syncs, and sometimes the commonalities can be so insignificant or uncommon that it makes them almost shocking. Soul twins/mates can have similar commonalities, but there will tend to be significance or substance to them, and they always seem to have a positive light to them. Twin flames, on the other hand, can have almost far out, ‘no reason for’ commonalities and synchronicities that include both light, but also dark shadow synchronicities that can make you stop in your tracks and wonder how you actually came across someone like that, and in the beginning all of this can cause you to feel very unsettled or even down-right creeped out 🙂

And so, these are just a few observations and characteristics of twin flames that may help to paint a clearer picture of them. I believe that twin flames play a very high role in Earth’s ascension process and will continue to help collective relationship imbalance and pain to heal and ascension to spark.