This info post explains, as well as demystifies, ascension. If you’re reading this, then you’re most likely already in an active ascension process, and ascension has nothing to do with earth-learning or cycling through earthly lifetimes to acquire more knowledge, experience or lessons. 

Ascension, which is synonymous with enlightenment (generally speaking) and also “waking up,” is the full severance from the illusionary identity that lives in the mind (the ego), which then simultaneously activates the complete shedding of all dense and low vibrational energy carried in the human via the energy field. It’s the full conscious awareness of your higher self and the divine field.

But the “process” of ascension is the shifting from a fear-based consciousness to one without fear. It’s the shifting from a 3D consciousness level (experiencing the world only via the 5 senses and carrying much denser energy in our body) to a 5D consciousness level (experiencing the world from an entirely divine field and carrying much lighter energy). Or we can say it’s awakening from an asleep state stuck in illusion to an awake state where our true nature is revealed to us with all veils removed. 5D consciousness is a state in which we no longer compulsively and unconsciously react in fear (because only the ego structure does that). In other words, all reactions are neutralized regardless of challenge presented, and all thoughts are divinely aligned and non-compulsive. Ascension is the full and complete emBODIment of the higher self. Going through an ascension process means that we’re in the active, but gradual, process of coming into a 5D state of consciousness out of our default human 3D state of only 5-sense awareness and egoic delusion. We become our full, higher self version while fully conscious of experiencing it in our human form (on all levels – mind, body, soul).

I came to deeply know this concept of ascension decades ago when I studied Buddhism and the state of enlightenment because ascension and enlightenment are the exact same thing. Ascension is just the new word for enlightenment that is now more widely accepted, but very often misunderstood. We tend to associate enlightenment with an almost impossible state to achieve and reserved only for disciplined monks who sit in meditation several hours a day, and this really was actually the situation back when the energy frequency available on the planet was still much too dense to help activate more openings in our awareness. This has now changed; light is expanding us from within, and this is gradually creating more opportunities and openings for enlightenment throughout the collective. It’s still at the beginning stages at the moment, but momentum has now been activated, and 2023 will be the first year to see a greater, exponential rise in ego release in the collective.

We don’t truly realize that all of us here reading this right now live in a predominantly ego-centric state (again, see my ‘Ego’ post). The ego WILL NOT survive ascension. It doesn’t evolve or become something positive, it dissolves completely in true ascension. If anyone tells you to work on changing or evolving your ego, then they’re being misguided by their ego. The only practice that helps us with ego is to watch and observe the ego so we can eventually come to the internalized realization that it’s fake. This is ascension. Ascension is also not something that can be worked toward directly; it’s a process, governed by our higher self, that *happens*. The best way to go through our ascension process is to just be in our process, while the divine field provides the steps and cues for our journey.

However, we can certainly co-create with our ascension process and increase our inner light by continually doing shadow work and remaining self-aware. True shadow work diminishes suffering in our lives. Every single time, without fail, that someone or some situation or circumstance triggers us to feel anything but love, peace or neutral, no matter how subtle or strong the trigger, is a sign that we have an ego or pain body shadow still there, and this shadow, in not being brought out into the light for us to look at truthfully, blocks ascension. This is why I’ve posted my 2 basic core healing tools on pain bodies and ego on this page that absolutely everyone can work with, regardless of ascension path, but there are also many others. Past life regression, ancestral healing, soul retrieval and inner child / sub-personality work, to name just a few, are also good avenues for shadow work.

My formula for core shadow work that can be plugged into every interaction we have with anyone or anything is as follows: “All negative reactions I have about anything is caused from my own shadow – never the triggering person or situation. Therefore, projecting anything onto anyone else is futile and blocks my growth, regardless of how justified it feels or how ‘incorrect’ the other person or circumstance is.” The people we live with are our best helpers for this, especially if they trigger us 100 times a day. The choice to do this is up to us. It’s not easy, but ascension is not easy. And don’t let this defeat you; it’s not a race or contest, we only ever have to work with what’s on our plate today – not tomorrow, just today. If we do this diligently one day at a time, one moment at a time, our progress will accelerate exponentially and get easier and easier.

If you’re currently on an active ascension path, the good news is your process will RECEIVE more and more opportunity, opening, grace and support from Divine Source in the form of cosmic light upgrades and angelic/galactic/ascended master/higher self assistance. This is why we no longer have to sit in a cave meditating our whole life to ascend; Earth is ascending now as part of her natural cycle, and so the light increases are unstoppable and they are supporting all ascending beings. And this process of receiving more support is increasing exponentially because light attracts more light. But the additional support cannot ‘make’ anyone ascend if they’re holding onto more density than light (i.e. not letting go of lower vibrational energy by either not choosing to or being unable to overcome a holding pattern). The support can only meet us where we are and enhance, it can’t forcibly remove mounds of stuck energy, negative beliefs, strong illusion and ego resistance; otherwise, every human would ascend right now, and this is not the case.

The other good news is we don’t have to uncover every single shadow, unhealed ancestor or trauma within us in order to ascend – it actually has nothing to do with it. Diligent shadow work and healing can support our process and create states of ever more joy, freedom and peace in our life, which, in itself, is a great reason to do it. But, in truth, it’s the amount of light, aka awareness (of the divine), we have that determines ascension level. For example, if you suddenly woke up today to full awareness of your true nature and everything that is, your undone “work” would dissolve in an instant (or I should say, shortly after the now unstoppable shedding phase is activated). Doing the work expands and propels you, but it’s not the primary mechanism of full awakening in itself. There is only AWAKE – straight forward and simple. Everything else is awaken-ing, which is where most of us are right now. And some of us (maybe many starseeds?) have already ascended prior to this lifetime, and have chosen to come into the earth plane again (out of compassion) to assist the rest of humanity to awaken (and maybe other reasons). We still do, however, need to reawaken in current body in order to fully experience ascension in current time (although ‘need’ is maybe not the correct word). But that is a whole other topic for another day.

And my final good news on the ascension topic is that everything I just said in this post can change because, like I said, we are moving through our ascension process at an exponential rate right now because light attracts more and more light, and when something increases exponentially, we can never know for sure what creation will come from that – this is the magic of divinity. The Buddha said that the Middle Way is the path to ascension. This means that everything in moderation sets up a perfect balance to encourage awakening, while living in extremes of anything will tend to keep us stuck. Here are some examples:

Ascension is an inner journey, one hundred percent. Spend more time with yourself than anyone else. Be silent within yourself, talk to yourself, ask yourself questions, feel yourself, your body and your emotions, watch your thoughts and challenge them, tune into yourself even while someone is talking to you or if you’re watching a TV show. Always be aware of you – that’s what your inner journey is all about. There’s no other choice. We all have to do this eventually. You’re in a mastery test in this life and you’re the teacher, haha.