Date: Sun., July 17 Harmonizing, Rebalancing & Integration

Time: 12:00 – 1:00 (GMT – 3)

Fee: FREE / sign-up instructions below

Focus: AN ENERGY TRANSMISSION TO HELP YOU INTEGRATE THE JUNE 21 SOLSTICE PORTAL ENERGY(but anyone can sign up regardless if you did that transmission or not)

Channel: The transmission is done by me offline starting at the set time and is directed to the list of names I receive for signing up (these are not individualized transmissions, but I do intentionally connect each person into the channel by name). There is no internet link or video for you to connect through, and so you just set yourself up for the transmission hour to receive it in your own way.


Many of you received the Solstice Portal Upgrade / Burden Release transmission on June 21, and so this transmission is a follow-up to that one to help you integrate, harmonize and rebalance the energies you processed at that time. Clearing a lot of energy or upgrading your energy to a higher frequency can come with changes in yourself and your life that may feel abrupt or intense to various degrees, and so this transmission is offered to help you move any energies still trying to clear that may be moving out of your body a bit sluggishly, help clear up any lingering detox symptoms, or realign anything that is now ready for a new template after clearing.

I have intentionally planned this session for a few days AFTER July’s full moon because full moon energy is also intense, as it naturally opens up our energy fields more than usual and this can make us more susceptible to 4D interference in addition to personal energy more openly coming up to the surface for work. I, personally, remain very self-aware of my energy for this reason and try to be more diligent with my energy clearing during these high energy lunar portals. And so, I feel it’s ideal to have a transmission after this month’s full moon – not during – so that you will not only get to integrate the solstice portal, but also anything that may have come through during the full moon.

This transmission is also not limited to only those who did the solstice transmission. Anyone can sign up and receive! As always, when high frequency energies are transmitted, you can extract from the stream whatever you need, as your higher self will utilize that energy for whatever purpose serves you best at that time. This will be a less intense activation than the June portal because my focus will be on integration and rebalancing, but it will work with everyone in whatever way is needed unique to you and your own healing intentions. You can set ANY kind of healing intention you want.



To sign up: 1. Send me an email with your first and last name. I’ll then send you an email confirmation of your name on the list. Confirmations are sent within 24 hours of receiving your name. If you don’t get one, email me again. You have until July 17th 10:00 AM (GMT – 3) to contact me to join. There is no number limit. Signing up for this transmission automatically confirms that you fully agree and understand that these energy transmissions cannot harm you in any way. After-effects can result to varying degrees, due to your own natural healing process, but are never harmful or the cause of any medical or psychological emergency, which would be unrelated and coincidental in every case.


All names I receive are strictly confidential

I appreciate including family and friends, please share this as much as you feel called to! If you send me names of family or friends on their behalf, please do so only with their personal wish and intention to receive the transmission. I connect with every person intentionally and so it’s important that they are also connecting with me with intention for their own healing too.

I will send a reminder email to everyone on the list one hour before the transmission starts, and after the transmission is over, I will send out an email with all my observations that came through. These reminders only come through to people on my newsletter email list, and so if you’ve added family members, please make sure they get the info, or have them sign up to receive my email news at the bottom of this page.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions, issues or other comments around this upcoming energy transmission, and I welcome any feedback, observations and comments regarding your experience after the transmission is over if you feel called to share with me!

My next transmission will be coming up on August 8th for the Lion’s Gate portal! That one will be a more intense energy stream and quite significant for starseeds, lightworkers and ascenders.

Thank you in advance to all who sign up and/or share it, I look forward to connecting with you!