1. Do you feel like a victim in your relationship?
  2. Are you a doormat for your spouse or partner?
  3. Does your partner not treat you the way you feel you should be treated?

If you answered yes to any of these, then you’re likely carrying the role of victim. Once you remove the victim template from your own being, your circumstances and feelings will change dramatically. It also means you’ve undertaken the task of clearing the victim template from the collective, such as the female collective, ancestral lineages and other human victim conditions. So be kind and gentle with yourself in this process. This post is to shine an awareness light on it. If it touches you deep within, you’ll be taken further on your healing path.

Here are some keys ways and ideas to reflect on to release your inner victim that I hold to be true and that have worked for me throughout my life:

  1. Do you walk on eggshells around your partner? If you do, then simply stop doing that. They aren’t asking you to be intimidated by them. You have full, free choice to react with intimidation or not.
  2. What’s a human doormat? Anyone who feels they must overcompensate for who they believe they are in an attempt to get another person to behave in a way that makes the doormat person feel accepted, good enough and loved. You have a choice to either be a doormat or not, and the choice has nothing to do with your partner’s behaviour.
  3. And here is what puts it all together: your partner’s actions and behaviours toward you or just in general have absolutely nothing to do with you. When you let them do and be what they are in any moment without interference or reaction, regardless of how bad or ‘wrong’ you believe their behaviour to be, you will let them HOLD ONTO THEIR OWN ENERGY and they will then have no choice but to process their energy themselves. Even if the behaviour is directed toward you.

If you master these (it does take work and diligence), you’ll set yourself free in a relationship that used to feel stifling, abusive, one-sided, controlled or unfulfilled. Your own personal energy vibration will shift, and your partner will either level up to your vibration (or you’ll be leveling up to theirs) or you’ll find a new one at your new vibration. There is nothing you need to decide on about your relationship — the energy vibration will do all the work for you. All you need to do is focus on your own vibration by removing the victim template in the conscious choice not to be one, and the rest will then fall into place. This is a foolproof formula for every kind of relationship dynamic out there.