1. A health issue from the 3D view: experiencing a continual feeling of not wanting it to be there because it’s causing pain and suffering, inconvenience, discomfort or might even cause death. View from the spiritual dimension: all physical imbalances in the body are shining a light on and attempting to clear old blocked low vibrational energy that ‘you’ have created and have been carrying around likely for quite a long time. Who wants to carry around their old stored low vibe energy from old experiences! It causes anxiety, depression, and blocks to ascension, awakening, joy, peace, abundance, etc. Your health issue is helping you to see, heal, clear and move ahead, whether it’s a headache, PMS or cancer. Energy tidbit: flus/colds/fevers/and other bugs are excellent energy cleansers and body purgatives.
  2. Relationship disappointment from the 3D view: “My partner isn’t behaving the way they’re supposed to; they’re hurting me; they’re not being fair or nice to me; they’re betraying me; they’re not treating me well; they’re causing me pain and stress; they’re ruining my life.” View of relationship disappointment from the spiritual dimension: “My partner is reflecting back to me everything that I still need to balance, clear or heal in myself, including my shadows, old belief programs, my ego and my traumas. My partner is one of my best teachers and most loving and caring healers, and the more “difficult” they are, the better they are for me.”
  3. An accident, e.g. fender bender from the 3D view: “Such an unbelievable inconvenience; how dare that careless person destroy my car, now I have to spend time and money to fix it, I don’t have time for this, why are people so careless and reckless.” The view from the spiritual dimension: “My car is an extension of my own energy and it has drawn in a crash for a necessary transmutation of energy so that I can look at something off in my energy/unconscious I haven’t been seeing. It’s a wake-up call to show me what I need in my life that I haven’t been paying attention to, or to show me something that’s off that I need to face, repair or balance.”
  4. A violent protest from the 3D view: “Violent, crazy, horrible people, we should be living in peace and harmony and ‘they’ are destroying that, no one has the right to hurt others.” View from the spiritual dimension: “Shadows can’t hide forever, whether they’re individual or collective. World chaos and negativity bring up OUR shadows for healing as the human collective. The world can’t evolve if we continue to suppress exactly where we are right now as a collective. Rogue behaviour breaks up systems and mindsets that NEED TO CHANGE.”
  5. Your cat 🐱 from the 3D view: a little fur shedder that likes to snuggle, eat small critters, forces you to have to scoop litter and maybe wakes you up at 4:00 am to feed them. Your cat from the spiritual dimension view: an enlightened star being soul who has paired up with you to help clear your space from low vibe psychic debris, be your guide and protector and heal and clear your energy. And the next time you clean up their fur ball, that’s most likely your energy they purged for you. Some pet cats are even extremely high vibrational spirit guardians. Every cat and soul connection with a cat is unique. They are nothing short of amazing in what they’re doing for humans and this planet — from the one on one pet helpers to the big cats on the plains protecting the earth from incoming galactic intrusions.