Date: Tues., June 21/2022 Summer Solstice – “Burden Release”

Time: 12:00 – 1:00 (GMT – 3)

Fee: $10 (incl’s tax) / sign-up & payment instructions below


Channel: The transmission is done by me offline starting at the set time (with a reminder email sent to you an hour ahead of time if you are signed up to my newsletter). There is no internet link or video for you to connect through, and so you just set yourself up for the transmission hour to receive it in your own way.


The summer solstice is a balance point in the year when the sun reaches its light expansion peak on the earth in the northern hemisphere. This peak point creates an energy portal in our cosmos through which an increase in quantum light floods down into our energy fields, creating a natural upgrade in both individual and earth frequencies. For optimal benefit, these powerful light currents can be enhanced and directed for you with intentional self-work, which is what this energy healing transmission is intended to do 

In this transmission, you will receive and process exactly what your higher self will align you with right now. We each receive, process and expand at our own personal rate so as to stay on track with our own unique soul blueprint, while also maintaining a good balance in our 3rd dimensional aspects so that we don’t take in too much at one time and fry our system or psyche. However, I will be focusing the energy clearing part of this transmission on ‘releasing burdens’ because I tapped into the divine guidance that this is what’s needed most right now. And so, at this potent ‘tipping point’, when the sun with its powerful healing energy reaches its peak in one moment and then begins its gradual decline in light emission in the next, what more perfect time is there to let go of anything you’re still carrying around that’s not serving your highest potential and joy. It’s also beneficial to set your own healing intention for this transmission if you wish.

Examples of burdens in the energy field:



To sign up: 1. send me an email with your full name 2. then send the fee by e-transfer to [email protected], with your first and last name written in the message section of the e-transfer. I’ll then send you an email confirmation of your name on the list. Signing up for this transmission automatically confirms that you fully agree and understand that these energy transmissions cannot harm you in any way. After-effects can result to varying degrees, due to your own natural healing process, but are never harmful or the cause of any medical or psychological emergency, which would be unrelated and coincidental in every case.


All e-transfers automatically come to me without a password needed, and you will receive the email confirmation from the bank immediately, which will be your only proof of purchase.

In order to receive the reminders leading up to the transmission so you don’t forget, you must subscribe to my email list at the bottom of this webpage

If your bank account is outside of Canada and you therefore cannot send e-transfers, send me an email and we will get you squared up. I will also offer refunds anytime up to 1 hour prior to the transmission time in case you decide to opt out.

All names I receive are strictly confidential

I will send a reminder email to everyone on the list one hour before the transmission starts, and after the transmission is over I will send out an email with all my observations that came through

Tidbits: The fee is selected to as $10 because the number 10 is new beginning. 12:00 noon is selected as the time because noon is when the sun is most powerful, even though the actual solstice point will be earlier in the morning that day.


Please feel free to email me if you have any questions, issues or other comments around this upcoming energy transmission, as well as forward it to anyone who may be interested!

Continue to check your spam folders for these emails because sometimes mail lists can randomly end up there

My next transmission will be coming up in July! Stay tuned for details.

Thank you in advance to all who sign up and/or share it, I look forward to connecting with you!