Date: Mon., October 10th 10/10 Portal ~ New Beginnings: Bringing us through to a new beginning like a ship carrying us to the next shore

Time: 10:10 AM – 11:10 AM (Nova Scotia time)

Fee: $10.00 per person / sign-up instructions below

Method: The transmission is done by me offline starting at the set time and is directed to the list of names I receive for signing up (these are not individualized transmissions, but I do intentionally connect each person into the channel by name). You must set yourself up for the transmission hour to receive it in your own way (suggestions are included in the very last paragraph of this email under ‘For those new to energy work’).



On an energetic level, October 2022 is a very big month! I’m not an expert astrologer for sure, but I do know that when two heavy-hitter planets like Pluto and Saturn go forward again in the same month after being retrograde, stuff is going to MOVE :-). There is also a solar eclipse in the midst of this, and solar eclipses are the single most powerful re-setting energies of all cosmic activity, and the October full moon will be in Aries – another action energy. So, we are definitely in a mega transformational month right now, which is why the 10/10 portal is going to be more impactful this year than other years. Plus, it’s 2022 – the Great Integration year where everything has an impact!

This transmission will be ushering us through the last letting go of something old and past and into our new, particularly transformation and change on a real life, 3D level. Details for sign-up further down 🙂



Regarding transmission feedback and other comments and questions, I have a private Telegram channel set up for sharing and learning, and so far it’s fantastic. It’s the perfect place to get questions answered and learn new things about ascension, healing and energy. I’d like to see all transmission feedback coming through this channel in order to benefit everyone;  HOWEVER, if you cannot connect to this channel for any reason, please feel free to email me if you feel you’d like to share or ask something about your experience privately. Social media platforms aren’t for everyone, I know, and so if it’s just not your thing don’t hesitate to reach out. But if you can join in the channel you will gain so much more. Email me to get the private link!



To sign up: 1. send the fee(s) by e-transfer to [email protected], with your first and last name written in the message section of the e-transfer IF it’s not already clear on your bank account or if you’re including payments for multiple people. 2. then send me an email to let me know you want to sign up so I have an email I can reply to for your confirmation, and with your full name if I don’t know you. All e-transfers automatically come to me without a password needed because I’m registered and so you will receive the email confirmation from the bank immediately, which will be your proof of purchase. **If you are asked for a password, then it means you have put in an incorrect email address and you have to recheck it!

I will also email you a personal confirmation of your name on the list within 24 hours of receiving your e-transfer. If you don’t get one, email me again please!

MUST READ: Signing up for this transmission automatically confirms that you fully agree and understand that these energy transmissions cannot harm you in any way. After-effects can result to varying degrees, due to your own natural healing process, but are never harmful or the cause of any medical or psychological emergency, which would be unrelated and coincidental in every case.



If your bank account is outside of Canada and you therefore cannot send e-transfers, send me an email.

All names I receive are strictly confidential

I so appreciate including family and friends, please share this as much as you feel called to! If you send me names of family or friends on their behalf, please do so only with their personal wish and intention to receive the transmission. I connect with every person intentionally and so it’s important that they are also connecting with me with intention for their own healing too. Extra info for people *new to energy work* is at the bottom of this post that you can share with anyone who needs it.

Reminders and all info only come through to people on my newsletter email list, and so if you’ve added family members, please make sure they get the info.

Continue to check your spam folders and Gmail promotional folders for these emails because sometimes mail lists can randomly end up there even if you’ve received these emails so far.

My next BIG transmission will be coming up on Oct 31st for Samhain!

Thank you in advance to all who sign up and/or share this, I look forward to connecting with you!



Most of you are very familiar with energy work like this but I know that there are a few people who may be somewhat new to this kind of thing, and so I want to clarify a few general things about energy transmissions like this to make sure you feel good about it and that you’re lined up with it:

  1. These transmissions go out to multiple people at once and so it’s not possible for me to tune into anyone’s energy individually. This kind of energy transmission works with your higher self, which takes in the frequencies and then applies them to your own specific needs. You can set your own personal healing intentions for it, or you can just go with the flow with the theme I am working with. Either way, this transmission is meant to be worked with and integrated on your own.
  2. Not everyone can feel energy changes as they’re happening, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t changes happening. Your ability to feel (or not feel) energy depends on a.) your own individual natural sensitivity level and b.) how much of this work you’ve already done with yourself. Tuning into your own energy realignments takes practice because they are subtle and are also running through the parts of you that are not mind/ego/conscious-focused. Getting mind and ego out of the way is essential if you want to consciously tune into what’s going on in your energy field, and that takes practice.
  3. With all higher frequency energy upgrades coming into your system there will have to be something to clear and, therefore, detox. You can’t bring in something new without clearing something old to create the space for the new. Detox symptoms are always temporary but can vary in symptom types and intensity, depending on the individual as well as what was cleared in your energy. In other words, don’t be surprised if you feel worse before you feel better – particularly physically and/or emotionally. It’s detox 
  4. Take in the hour in whatever way you feel called to. Silence and relaxation are recommended, but not absolutely necessary for the energies to be received. Nature or nurturing activities during the hour are also very beneficial and being occupied with other obligations also works perfectly if necessary. You don’t have control over the time of these transmissions and so if you’re at work, then it’s meant to be that way for you for a purpose – perhaps it will help you work out energies brought up in your job.