Date: Fri., Nov.11/2022 * 1111 Portal

Time: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM (Nova Scotia time).

Fee: $11.11 per person ($11 works too) / sign-up instructions below

Focus: A distinct severing from your old world and catapultian into your new. 11:11 is a magical gateway where anything is possible and mastery doors open. The sever is clean, something old and distorted is conquered and a truth is revealed, but there’s a period of mystery brought through in this gateway before we see can the magic.

Method: The transmission is done by me offline starting at the set time and is directed to the list of names I receive for signing up (these are not individualized transmissions, but I do intentionally connect each person into the channel by name). You must set yourself up for the transmission hour to receive it in your own way (suggestions are included in the very last paragraph of this email under ‘For those new to energy work’). There is no video or group to connect with – these transmissions are for starseeds and anyone else on their spiritual ascension path who already naturally work with their own healing processes.



The 1111 portal is a phenomenal energetic gateway that supports moving into new uncharted territory. It’s an energy alignment that brings through your next steps, but steps that have been completely in the dark and locked deep within the ancient tombs of your soul waiting for the pristine moment of perfected timing to burst through. This portal is all about creating the perfect support for your next mastery reveal.



To sign up:

  1. Send the fee(s) by e-transfer to [email protected]
  2. Then send me an email to let me know you want to sign up so I have an email I can reply to for your confirmation, and with your full name if I don’t know you.

MUST READ: Signing up for this transmission automatically confirms that you fully agree and understand that these energy transmissions cannot harm you in any way. After-effects can result to varying degrees, due to your own natural healing process, but are never harmful or the cause of any medical or psychological emergency, which would be unrelated and coincidental in every case.

Thank you in advance to all who sign up and/or share this, I look forward to connecting with you!



Most of you are very familiar with energy work like this but I know that there are a few people who may be somewhat new to this kind of thing, and so I want to clarify a few general things about energy transmissions like this to make sure you feel good about it and that you’re lined up with it:

  1. These transmissions go out to multiple people at once and so it’s not possible for me to tune into anyone’s energy individually. This kind of energy transmission works with your higher self, which takes in the frequencies and then applies them to your own specific needs. You can set your own personal healing intentions for it, or you can just go with the flow with the theme I am working with. Either way, this transmission is meant to be worked with and integrated on your own.
  2. Not everyone can feel energy changes as they’re happening, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t changes happening. Your ability to feel energy depends on a.) your own individual natural sensitivity level and b.) how much of this kind of work you’ve already done. Tuning into your own energy realignments takes practice because they are subtle and are also running through the parts of you that are not mind/conscious-focused. Getting mind and ego out of the way is essential if you want to consciously tune into what’s going on in your energy field, and that takes practice.
  3. With all higher frequency energy upgrades coming into your system there will have to be something to clear and, therefore, detox. You can’t bring in something new without clearing something old to create the space for the new. Detox symptoms are always temporary but can vary in symptom types and intensity, depending on the individual as well as what was cleared in your energy. In other words, don’t be surprised if you feel worse before you feel better – particularly physically and/or emotionally. It’s detox 
  4. Take in the hour in whatever way you feel called to. Silence and relaxation are recommended, but not absolutely necessary for the energies to be received. Nature or nurturing activities during the hour are also very beneficial and being occupied with other obligations also works perfectly if necessary. You don’t have control over the time of these transmissions and so if you’re at work, then it’s meant to be that way for you for a purpose – perhaps it will help you work out energies brought up in your job.